Exeter Veterinary Surgery
24th November 2018

Steven Sleep is the original “Super Vet”.  He works beyond the call of duty.  If it wasn’t for his brilliant professionalism and attention to detail, my late dog Emma would not have survived for 15 years.  She was the last survivor of her litter.  She loved going to see Steve and his brilliant team.  For Emma, a trip to the vet was always a joyful occasion.  Exeter Vetcare Limited is the perfect Practice where practice makes perfect!  There is always a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Every pet is treated like royalty.  Steve Sleep and his fabulous team are highly motivated and love their work.  My new dog Hugo who is now 2 years old was made to feel very welcome and special from day one.  Hugo also absolutely loves his trips to the vet because he knows he will always receive the best possible treatment and care.

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