A Labrador meets an Adder!


Halfway through morning surgery, we received an emergency call about Mikko, a 2-year-old Labrador.  Whilst walking on Woodbury Common, Mikko (assuming everyone is his best friend) had poked his nose where it wasn’t entirely welcome and received a bite from a perturbed Adder for his trouble.  Thankfully, his owners acted quickly in filming the snake for identification and then calling the surgery where they were advised to come straight over. 

The Adder

On arrival, Mikko was his usual excitable self but had a bite wound to the left side of his face and a large area of swelling spreading down towards the submandibular lymph node.  It was decided antivenin would be required in his treatment, which fortunately we were able to obtain very quickly as his condition was beginning to deteriorate.  After receiving the antivenin Mikko was hospitalised for observation, fluid therapy, pain relief, ECG heart monitoring for cardiac arrhythmias and blood tests to monitor his blood’s ability to clot.  

The bite wound

Mikko’s swollen face










We are delighted to report that thanks to his owner’s prompt actions and our emergency treatment, Mikko made a full recovery and is back to his usual mischievous self. 

If you suspect that your pet has been bitten by an Adder, it is important that they are kept calm and taken to your vets as quickly as possible to give the best chance of successful treatment.  Stay out of trouble Mikko!

All better!


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